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Product Development

We provide Offshore Product Development services spanning the entire life cycle to global enterprises. Combining our technology expertise, domain experience and process maturity, we offer innovative solutions to complex engineering issues that enable you to outperform competition and generate new streams of revenue.

We have emerged as a trusted name in the OPD arena with a strong track record of successfully executing large projects involving complex engineering and architectural design capabilities.  We help our clients stay ahead of competition by creating innovative solutions, many of which have become industry benchmarks. We meet your product engineering requirements and adhere to highest standards of quality, while minimizing time-to-market and development costs.

We provide a range of engineering services across the entire product life cycle, starting from conception, design, development, testing, to maintenance and support – all to address your specific needs as your products mature from early to end-of-life. We have acquired strong domain knowledge across industry verticals, having built long-standing relationships with customers in different market segments.

We enable enterprises to migrate their existing products to a SaaS model, as well as build new solutions on SaaS from the ground-up. Our SaaS enablement services deliver maximum ROI whilst making transformation to SaaS smooth and secure. Our experience covers a range of software development models, from the traditional waterfall to RAD and the widely used Agile (Scrum and DSDM) models. Our Extended Team Model (ETM) ensures that clients derive maximum benefit of their outsourcing activities by leveraging the expertise of an exclusively dedicated engineering team. Our robust engagement model is flexible to absorb your DNA and meet your scalability and security requirements.

Our processes are an amalgamation of CMMI / ISO standards, industry best practices and multi-shore execution experience. With a focus on product development imperatives, our processes can be tailored to suite the requirements of globally distributed teams. Other than providing Product Development services to enterprises we also owns some enterprise grade SAAS systems. Our products are relatively new in the market but we designed in such a way that it can handle all the current business needs and problems. We have the following SAAS products available in the market

  • Anication – SAAS based Education ERP system for Universities and Colleges
  • Anihealth – SAAS based Healthcare ERP system for Hospitals and Private Clinics
  • AniERP – Openbravo or OpenERP based customized ERP and Retail solutions
  • Agilo – Open Source Enterprise Management Suite