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Enterprise Mobility

Now-a-days with billions of internet enabled devices being sold each year, mobility is re-fashioning the way customers interact with a company’s products, applications and services. The mobile platform is today’s preferred channel for offering agile services, especially to the younger generation. To leverage this technological and market shift, businesses need a holistic and integrated mobility strategy. Enterprises must therefore implement a mobile initiative that delivers tangible business benefits to their customers. The economic considerations, implications and implementation of mobile applications are significantly different from traditional web and internal enterprise applications.

Anitech has a structured approach to enterprise mobility to address the challenges faced by most of the Enterprises. We assist clients through all phases of the mobility journey, from understanding the business imperatives and formulating strategies to building and maintaining high-impact interactive applications and driving adoption.

Anitech’s technological expertise in mobility is based on its deep knowledge and experience in handling the latest technologies, devices and development platforms. We ensure a structured roll out of mobility initiatives through our deep technology expertise combined with specialised approaches to handling the unique considerations of user experience, integration with core enterprise systems, security and testing.

Over the years, Anitech has successfully implemented a number of mobile applications ranging from simple SMS-based systems that were popular a decade ago to the fully connected and interactive touch screen power applications of today. We have strong expertise on Android, Blackberry, iPhone and Cross Platform frameworks like Konyone, Phonegap, Codenameone etc application development. We understands the current business need and implement those by adapting available cutting edge technologies so that you can concentrate on your business rather than thinking about mobility startegy.