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Anitech develops software solutions specific to Industry and needs of customers, complements with training support, customization and implementation services. Our products are built with the state of the art technologies and no compromise solution on quality, easy user adoption and maximum return on investment. Anitech Intelligence will specialize in software and business intelligence tools for small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) in Life Science, Healthcare Retail and other industries.

We develop customer-centric software and business intelligence tools for the industry and retain that clients want to:
  • Increase sales using fact-based.
  • Build profits by targeting profitable activities.
  • Increase customer loyalty and retain customers for life.
  • Increase the accuracy and timeliness of sales forecasts.
  • Achieve budgeted sales.
  • Increase proportion of high-value customers in your customer mix.
  • Reduce low-yield activities in the sales process.
  • Deploy higher-yield promotions and advertising.
  • Predict future behavior of business prospects and customers.

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